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Who is the most famous fairy of all time? It’s Tinkerbell of course and she is one of the most favorite fancy dress costume ideas for both girls and women of all ages. Tinkerbell was the jealous pixie/fairy who glowed brightest for Peter Pan. Her voice sang like a tinkling bell and with a sprinkle of her pixie dust she could make you fly. Whether you want to dress as classic Tinkerbell in her short, green tutu or a more modern version of her when she finally becomes not only a teen fairy but gets pants as well, the look you adopt will be your own. In addition to Tinkerbell, there are other fairy choices that you could wear, including some that you can make up for yourself.

Tinkerbell Costumes for Children

All little girls love to dress as their favorite characters with Tinkerbell typically topping many of their lists. The better quality Tinkerbell costumes can double for dress up fun at playtime, but should all start with the green dress. For the littlest ones, Tinkerbell’s costume is easiest when it is a one piece, however some of the older children might have a leotard and skirt combo that is adorable as well. Preteen girls might be thrilled to wear the updated and modern version of Tink complete with little green leggings instead of the short skirt.

Tinkerbell Costumes for Adults

Adults, especially those who still feel pretty much like a pixie on a normal day can enjoy dressing as Tinkerbell too. The Tinkerbell Fancy dress costume is great for showing a lot of sexy leg and can allow your playful side to come out as well. If green is not your color, opt for one of Tinkerbell’s little fairy friends instead, the choice is entirely up to you. There are so many tinkerbelle costume choices that you might even become overwhelmed. You can wear the really sexy type or the more demure tinkerbelle version.

Tinkerbell’s Accessories

Of course, you will need a great pair of wings to be a proper fairy- and yours should match your costume as perfectly as possible. If you did not buy your wings at the same time as your Tinkerbell fancy dress costume, you should stick with a lighter color wing to go with the dress that you are wearing. Make sure that you chose wings that are going to be big enough to be seen but not so big that you are whacking and knocking people down on the dance floor.

Hair and Makeup

Because she is a fairy, Tinkerbell’s makeup should have a playful sparkle to it and green or gold are two perfect color combinations to consider. The real Tink has blonde hair, pulled back in a high pony tail. If you are dark haired or want to have a different look, stick with something fairy-like and ethereal, maybe even weaving some flowers in your hair.

Best of luck for a most magical of evenings.

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Tinkerbell Fancy Dress Costumes

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This article was published on 2011/01/13