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The unpredictable Lady Gaga continued to shock the globe with each public appearance made in 2010. The selection of materials that she chooses to use for her outfits go far beyond the imagination of many from meat to metal, latex to plastic. Many worship her constant wild outfits that she appears in, and what is not to love and adore. Here is a breakdown of Lady Gaga's top quality fancy costumes that she sported in 2010:

-Gaga's meat dress that she wore at the VMAs sparked worldwide controversy from vegetarians amongst others as many took offence. The different interpretations where acknowledged but one of the reasons that Gaga claims she wore it was that she "was not a piece of meat".

-Her cover on the July issue of the Rolling Stone magazine sold 245,000 copies,3 times better than the year average. The image shows her holding machine guns fashioned as a brassiere much like in her music video of Alejandro. Such quality fancy costumes are what earns her the respect she has as a cultural icon.

-In February 2010 Gaga turned up to the Grammy awards with what was described as a solar system dress. Her performance at the same ceremony was involved a flesh coloured suit with flashing LEDs, quality costumes that only she can dream up.
Some of her pre 2010 famous show stopping attire included the Bubble dress and the Kermit dress. These outfits had such an impact on popular culture that the hit US TV show Glee dedicated a whole episode to Gaga, where each of the characters dressed up in a different Gaga outfit, completely Gagafied in quality fancy costumes, with the exception of Rachel's character and her interpretation of the Kermit dress. Those who saw the episode may remember a mere few beany babies attached shoddily on to a dress. Oh Rachel. Even the male characters in the show got into the Gaga spirit, inspired by her use of interesting and different materials they were able to produce quality fancy costumes out of shower curtains. How resourceful!

It is so hard to pick a favourite from the range that has emerged from Gaga, however I think for me the famous metal dress has to hit the tops of the charts. This icon is no doubt going to continue to produce more and more amazing outfits throughout the year 2011, who can wait? Not me that's for sure, I can barely contain my excitement!
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Gaga Fashion In 2010

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This article was published on 2011/01/19