Accessorising your sheer maxi dress in 2011

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If fashion predictions are anything to go by, the sheer maxi dress looks set to be very popular in 2011. Considering their versatile, figure-forgiving and feminine qualities, it's no surprise that maxi dresses have been well-loved by fashion trend-makers and consumers for a few consecutive years now. However, the sheer maxi dress is certain to have some women worried. After all, the traditional version lets you hide any body parts that you are less than proud of in style, while the new incarnation bears everything underneath a film of sheer fabric.

But it's really not a warts-and-all scenario. In fact, the sheer maxi dress offers fashion opportunities that its opaque cousin can only dream of. Gone are the bright, symmetric prints of past summers in favour of lace, spiders-web patterns and modesty-hiding embroidery. It's a clean-slate with which fashionistas can work to create strikingly trendy outfits in the new season.

Start by investing in a good set of underwear, if you don't already have one. Remember, just because a sheer maxi dress shows off your figure, wearing one doesn't mean that everything should be on display. Invisible knickers are great for avoiding VPLs or go for sturdy yet stylish underpants like bikinis or shorts and stay well away from thongs or g-strings, which will only look tacky. If your underwear is going to be clearly seen, make sure that you match its colour to that of your dress; black is usually a good choice. But if you'd rather your undergarments remained hidden, there are other options. A colour-coordinated vest and shorts, for example, could look fantastic. Or, if you've got a skin-tight cat-suit or playsuit hidden at the back of your wardrobe, wearing it under a sheer maxi dress will certainly be an eye-catching fashion solution.

The next step is outerwear. A loose-fitting, floaty top with an asymmetric cut will look fabulous over a sheer maxi dress, especially one with a full or flowing skirt. Here you can be a little bolder with colours, though it's a good idea to stick to muted shades. If your maxi dress is a transparent black, a loose slate-coloured jumper or jacket could accentuate a sophisticated look. As eveningwear metallic shades like bronze, pewter, gold and silver will provide an added dash of luxury. Depending on how bold you want to be, classic patterns like leopard-print are also an option - though it's best to keep these to a minimum for a more striking effect - in the form of a purse or a handbag.

If sheer maxi dresses become a staple of your wardrobe in 2011, remember that a few people you meet may go to great lengths to avoid looking at your more exposed areas, so don't forget to pay attention to areas like your feet, hair and hands. Strappy sandals or boots will look impressive, while rings and bracelets will bestow some added glamour. Hair, on the other hand, should be worn loose and curly in the daytime, rather than poker straight, or slicked back and tied up at night.

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Accessorising your sheer maxi dress in 2011

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This article was published on 2011/01/04